Boost website sales with
social proof & urgency

Nextsale makes users feel the experience of shopping
in a dinamic website

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Why does your business need Nextsale?

Following reasons show advantages of adding Nextsale to your lead pages, demos and checkouts


Convert traffic into sales

Increase sales by showing dynamism of your website


Increase store trust

Boost your online store’s credibility using social proof&urgency


Growth guaranteed

Social proof plays a main role in your customer's purchase decisions

Social proof popup

Show to users recently customer activity. It will help to boost your store sales.

Promo bar

A top promo bar that counts down until a few discounts. You can add to all pages also.

Best ux design

Display push notification in order to be more attracted

Turn your website into leads and sales generating machine in just minutes.

  • Easy to Install

    Add Nextsale to your website in minutes automatically.

  • Increase conversion

    Display recent conversions, boost credebility and trust

  • Product analytics

    It helps to see your products recent statistics.

What professionals say…

Some amazing quotes

For a long time, business owners have known that “urgency” is an effective persuasion tool for getting people to take action.
Neil Patel English angel investor
Adding live social proof was the #1 driver of increased revenue in all my experiments while at Airbnb.
Gustaf Alstromer Former Head of Growth
When you say it, it's marketing. When your customer says it, it's social proof.
Andy Crestodina Co-Founder, Author