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Our Roadmap

# 1
Duplicate/Transfer campaigns from store to stores
# 2
Integration: Custom build websites
# 3
API: Private Nextsale API
# 4
Add more advanced analytics reports
# 5
Integration: Prestashop integration
# 6
Integration: BigCommerce integration
# 7
Campaign tool: Cart&Check out timer
# 8
Campaign tool: Social proof pop-up
# 9
Campaign tool: Counter on product lists
# 10
Campaign tool: Get it by timer tool
# 11
Campaign tool: Promo bar (top bar)
# 12
Campaign tool: Low stock warning.
# 13
Add new kind of campaigns to boost your e-commerce.
# 14
Campaign tool: Recently online users
# 15
Creating A/B Testing methods to all notifications

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Frequently asked questions

Find what you are looking for.

  • Is Nextsale available for only Shopify users?
    Nextsale is currently active on the Shopify platform. However, it will be applied to other e-commerce platforms and custom websites in September 2019. If you would like to be aware of these innovations, use the email subscription form given below.
  • How many stores I can add using the same account?
    You can manage as many stores as you want from one dashboard but each store will be charged for selected plan.
  • How long does it take to set up?

    Step 1: Sign up and Connect your store.

    Step 2: Create your campaign, where you are completely free to adjust the text (you can put any text according you audience language), color of the background.

    Step 3: Simply Launch!

  • Do you have minimum price?
    You can pay annually to get minimum price for each plan.
  • Is there any need to know the coding to set up & run the app?
    No need for any coding. It’s easy to set up with few clicks in minutes. All updates are done automatically when the app is installed.
  • What is the impression?
    Impression is number of displayed features generated through our platform on your website to your visitors.
  • How do I choose the right plan?
    Based on your visitors count you have to choose your subscription plan as those are limited with monthly impressions count. Check out pricing section for more details.
  • Can I use this for fake notification?
    No! We against all fake data and provide truth website dynamic in a safe environment for honest entrepreneurs.
  • Do you have Free Plan?
    Yes. We have Forever Free plan with Basic Features and limited impressions, so you can try it for free. No credit card needed!
  • How often will I be billed?
    Recurring charges, including monthly charges, are billed in USD every 30 days.
  • Any Trial?
    You can enjoy 14 Days Trial of Enterprise Plan. No credit card required. During the trial period, you can see all of the great features that Nextsale offers. You can test them to see how it works. After your 14-day free trial period, your website plan will be automatically downgraded to Forever Free Plan or you can choose any following paid plans.
  • How can I delete the "verified by Nextsale" badge?

    In order to delete branding you need to start from Growth Plan or higher.

    Still have questions? Send your question/request to or chat with customer support instantly.